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Ticks/Fleas Control

Ticks/Fleas Control Ticks/Fleas Control Ticks/Fleas Control Ticks/Fleas Control

When it comes to ticks / fleas, our service technicians know best when it comes to ticks / fleas deterrents. Apart from identifying your ticks / fleas problems, they are also able to understand the habits of different types of ticks / fleas and offer the most effective solution catered for your needs.

Residual Spray

Insecticide is sprayed at cracks and crevices, wall edges, furniture and other possible harbourage. Chemical with flushing agent will drive the pest out from their hiding place and this would also increase their frequency of contact with the toxic.

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Misting

This application is used indoors where it creates a space filled with insecticide. The chemical droplets produced are extremely fine, and these enable the droplets to be suspended mid air, covering a wide area. This method also allows the ticks / fleas to make contact with the chemical more effectively.

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