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Termites Control

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Termites Control Termites Control Termites Control Termites Control Termites Control Termites Control Termites Control Termites Control

Our trained professionals can both detect existing infestations and help you prevent future problems. Our technician will perform a comprehensive inspection of your property and will then prescribe a customised treatment designed to help protect your biggest investment — your premise.

In-Ground (IG) Bait

Preventive measure is possible by using the in-ground station, which is installed outdoor along the perimeter of the premise that also serves as a monitoring purpose. Once termite is found inside the station, the monitoring wood stick will be replaced by the bait.

Above Ground (AG) Bait

Bait in general, is a mixture of food (cellulose) and insecticide. For the above ground bait station, it will be installed at an active termite infestation area where the bait will be consumed by the workers and they will subsequently bring the poison food back to the colony (nest) to share with the other members.



Residual chemical is applied at the soil layer before the building or structure is built on it.


Small holes will be drilled along the perimeter of the premise and the chemical solution will be pumped into the holes in order to form a chemical protection layer against termites.

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