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Flies/Flying Insect Control

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Flies/Flying Insect Control Flies/Flying Insect Control Flies/Flying Insect Control Flies/Flying Insect Control

Our technician is trained and provide the right solution to get rid of flies out of your home or business. Since every building or home is different, our technician will design a unique program for your situation.

Residual Spray

To be applied at the wall, floor junction as well as resting areas of flies.

Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Misting

This application is used indoors where it creates a space filled with insecticide. The chemical droplets produced are extremely fine, and these enable the droplets to be suspended midair, covering a wide area. This method also allows the flies to make contact with the chemical more effectively.

UV Light Trap

This environmental-friendly approach is most suitable to be used in sensitive areas such as the kitchen, toddler’s or the elderly’s room, food processing area, pet shop, etc.

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